About Us

The Broward County Dental Association strives to provide our members the latest opportunities for enhancing your practice. The BCDA is proud to provide a suite of tools to enhance the profitability of our members’practice and keep members up to date on the most current educational objectives in dentistry. This is facilitated through the BCDA’s platform for members and their staff to utilize and stay informed through our monthly meetings, our day-long seminars and our newsletter – The Broward Dental Review. Reduce expenses in your practice, and take advantage of the marketing opportunities the BCDA provides our members. The BCDA also provides active support to members and their staff by acting as a resource for all things dental, including staffing, and peer review mediation.

Our member dentists volunteer their time in Broward County through our local Project: Dentist’s Care, Inc. program. “Give Kids a Smile” is one of our yearly events where Broward County dentists, assistants and dental students come together to treat underserved children.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Broward County Dental Association is to advance dentistry in Broward County by offering valuable resources to member dentists and to improve communication between member dentists and the general public.